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Ambience Field recording

Cruise wind

On a recent work trip, I traveled by ship to Germany with my colleagues. Our schedule was pretty full, but I figured I would have at least a little time to record something.

My original plan was to spend my free time in the shopping and casino area. To record ambience, that is.. I set up my Zoom H2 a couple of different places, but I just could not find anywhere to record ambience without recording lots of music as a bonus. All the shops and restaurants were playing music a little too loud. I tried walking up a couple of floors to get away from the music, but still no luck.

After a while I found myself close to the sun deck on the top floor. I could not hear the music from the shopping area anymore, but I could hear something else: wind. I followed the sound to the sun deck door and found that this was a good place to record. I did not get any usable shopping or casino ambiences out of this trip, but I did get a nice wind recording.

Equipment used: Zoom H2

Bonus: The toilet in my cabin sounded like this:

Ambience Field recording

New Year’s Eve 2011

On New Year’s Eve 2011 the weather was not very nice where I was. It was raining and it was quite windy. For a while, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be recording anything that day. Fortunately, I did manage to find a relatively safe place to record this year too. I found a corner where my recorder was protected from the rain and relatively protected from the wind. The noise you can hear in the recording is the wind blowing through a nearby hedge. It got pretty noisy at times..

And this completes the firework blog posts (for a while at least..).

Equipment: Zoom H2 with Rode dead cat. Location: Ålgård, Norway