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Field recording

Bike sounds

The last time I visited my parents, I had some free time on my hands. Inspired by Nathan’s post about bike sounds, I borrowed my brother’s racing bike and started recording. I grabbed some random stuff in our basement and tried to hold them against the bike wheel to create interesting sounds. If I had had more time to record, I could have gotten more and better sounds out of this session. At least this experiment gave me a couple of good sounds and more ideas to try at a later time.

Equipment: Rode NTG-3 -> Sound Devices 744T

The plastic flight of a dart made a screaming sound when held against the wheel at the correct angle:
Bike sounds, dart by ThomasAlf

The metal from a tealight:
Bike sounds, metal from tealight by ThomasAlf

I tried combining objects to get more interesting sounds. Cardboard and tealight metal in a metal pipe:
Bike sounds, cardboard and metal in pipe by ThomasAlf

Cardboard from a milk carton:
Bike sounds, cardboard by ThomasAlf

A couple of more samples:
Bike sounds, plastic bottle cap, CD, cardboard in pipe by ThomasAlf


Plastic bottle

A while ago my wife made me aware of this incredible noisy plastic bottle in our fridge. I dug out my recorder and played with the bottle for a while. The sounds I got out of it might be useful for something in the future. You never know..

Below is a sample of the original recording and slowed down versions of it. The slowest version kind of sounds like distant artillery. Kind of..

Equipment: Rode NT4 -> SD744T
Plastic bottle by ThomasAlf