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Ambience Field recording Water


My wife is of Finnish descent. She had, of course, made sure that we had access to a sauna during our Christmas holiday. I grabbed the chance to record some sound effects there.

This particular sauna is a bit noisy because of draft from the chimney, but I decided to give it a go and capture the sounds I could. I recorded ambience close to the stove first. Afterwards I started splashing water at the rocks on top of the stove. The recorder had to be positioned very close to the rocks to avoid the noise from the chimney. It quickly got pretty hot, both for me and my Zoom H2. I recorded for as long as I thought my recorder could take it. My H2 is getting old now and I often use it as an expendable recorder, but I didn’t want to destroy it for this. I got out of the sauna when the Zoom started getting dangerously hot.

The water splashes turned out pretty nice. I did have to roll off a bit of low end to get rid of the worst rumble noise from the chimney. I also had to fade out the sounds at the end when the signal/ambient noise ratio got too bad.

Equipment used: Zoom H2

Ambience Field recording

Cruise wind

On a recent work trip, I traveled by ship to Germany with my colleagues. Our schedule was pretty full, but I figured I would have at least a little time to record something.

My original plan was to spend my free time in the shopping and casino area. To record ambience, that is.. I set up my Zoom H2 a couple of different places, but I just could not find anywhere to record ambience without recording lots of music as a bonus. All the shops and restaurants were playing music a little too loud. I tried walking up a couple of floors to get away from the music, but still no luck.

After a while I found myself close to the sun deck on the top floor. I could not hear the music from the shopping area anymore, but I could hear something else: wind. I followed the sound to the sun deck door and found that this was a good place to record. I did not get any usable shopping or casino ambiences out of this trip, but I did get a nice wind recording.

Equipment used: Zoom H2

Bonus: The toilet in my cabin sounded like this:

Ambience Field recording

New Year’s Eve 2011

On New Year’s Eve 2011 the weather was not very nice where I was. It was raining and it was quite windy. For a while, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be recording anything that day. Fortunately, I did manage to find a relatively safe place to record this year too. I found a corner where my recorder was protected from the rain and relatively protected from the wind. The noise you can hear in the recording is the wind blowing through a nearby hedge. It got pretty noisy at times..

And this completes the firework blog posts (for a while at least..).

Equipment: Zoom H2 with Rode dead cat. Location: Ålgård, Norway

Ambience Field recording

Oslo city rooftop

One of the companies I freelance for has an office building downtown. I brought my recording gear with me one day and set it up on the roof before work. I let the recorder roll for a while and got some good city ambience. There are some sirens in there, as well as birds and a helicopter. For some reason, I just love to record city ambiences. I usually record at street level, but it’s nice to get up high to avoid loud footsteps, talking and other disturbing sounds.

Rode NT-4 > Sound Devices 302 > Sound Devices 744T (Not sure why I used the 302. I think I was testing something, but I can’t remember what. Note to self: take more notes when recording..)

Ambience Field recording

Airport ambience

Oslo airport

I really need to get better at bringing a small recorder when I’m going places. During the christmas holiday in 2010, I travelled back and forth a bit. I figured this would be a good opportunity to start bringing my recorder, so I did.. I set up my Zoom h2 when I was waiting at the different airports, and I got some useable ambience out of it. It’s nice to spend the waiting time “working” instead of just sitting around.

Below are some samples from Oslo airport.

Equipment used: Zoom h2

Oslo airport